Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lila Rose Story: Help Me Digg It To The Front Page!

I posted the following on my Team Sarah blog. All who read this, please click on the link to the DIGG website and try to Digg the story all the way up!

There is a story about Lila Rose, the young woman who uncovers crimes inside the Planned Parenthood organization, on the FOX News website. I submitted the story to DIGG. So please, everyone go to DIGG and Digg the story to the front page! I know that sounds almost impossible, considering Digg is such a liberal website, but let's try anyway!! CLICK ON THIS LINK for the DIGG article submission: College Student Is Rising Star In Ant-Abortion Movement

P.S. I used the term "Anti-Abortion" instead of "Pro-Life," just because that's how the original title of the story is written on the article.

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