Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009: Bugles Across America

I remember when my uncle, who had served in the Army in Vietnam, died.  I believe it was during the 1980s.  There was no one in uniform to play "Taps" for him.  At the cemetery all there was to play "Taps," in honor of the man who had fought and lost both of his legs in battle, was a cassette tape recording.  On this Memorial Day I saw a video on the FOX News website of Tom Day, founder of Bugles Across America, who says he plays 24 notes to honor our fallen soldiers and veterans.  Tom Day is a man who is spending his time and money to make sure there is someone "in person" at the burial site of every military person who has given his or her life fighting in the service of our country, or spent a number of years in the military serving our country.  Please visit Bugles Across America to find out more about this great service to our soldiers.  Bugles Across America may be able to provide someone to play "Taps" for a soldier that you know who deserves more than a recording.  My uncle, Jasper "Jib" Ezekiel Colley, was the person that I immediately thought of when I saw that video.  So if you are able, while you are on the website, give as much as you can to help financially support this great service to our American military.  By the way, if anyone out there served in the military with my uncle, leave me a comment and let me know.  I would really like to talk to you.

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