Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boycott Letterman

First of all, I had been a viewer of the David Letterman show on CBS for several years. I didn't watch every single show, but I did watch on a fairly regular basis...depending upon the guest line-up.

Mr. Letterman had a serious health scare concerning his heart and had to have multiple bypass procedures. He then had a child with his girlfriend. And I, mistakenly, assumed that with these life experiences and with age he would "mellow out" and become a little wiser. But not so for Mr. Letterman. Because I started noticing that he was making very lewd and sexually explicit comments about women, not just in his jokes, even towards his female guests. I sometimes wondered why these "women of Hollywood" or "TV personalities" would just sit there and continue to joke around with him as if what he was saying meant nothing. Because they usually put forth such a liberal front, I assumed they would have something to say to Mr. Letterman in defense of women's rights. But I never saw anything like that. Even Katie Couric just laughed when he talked and joked about Governor Sarah Palin.
Women should stand up for other women without concern for each others political labels!

So I began cutting way back on my viewing time of the "Letterman Show" on CBS. It seemed to me as if David Letterman was becoming a "dirty old man," and I didn't want to be a regular viewer of it. Then on Tuesday, June 9th 2009, he verbally attacks a 14-year old girl in one of his "jokes."

Most of the following is taken from a post on the
Team Sarah website. I changed some of the wording. But most of the credit goes to those who did the research as is mentioned in the article.


David Letterman’s camp has set up a voice mail to handle complaints regarding his sexual joke about Governor Sarah Palin’s 14-year old daughter Willow. But the only way these people will listen is if they are hit where it counts...THEIR POCKETBOOKS. Help us
boycott Letterman sponsors. They are listed below. Also, contact the provided sponsors and express your outrage at the disgusting comments made by David Letterman. No daughter of a liberal politician would be attacked in such a disgusting way. And if she were, all hell would break loose on the mainstream media outlets! The double standard is beyond disgusting, and it needs to stop. A big thanks to Curth (on Team Sarah) for providing contact information and GAbuckeye (also on Team Sarah) for posting the info on theTeam Sarah Newswatch Group. We have a small but strong army currently working on Twitter to get the message out about the Letterman Boycott Campaign. A shout-out to sarahpalinlinks on Twitter for organizing the Sarah Palin Web Brigade Team #spwbt. They provide a central place on Twitter for Palin supporters to work together for the common cause of supporting and defending Governor Sarah Palin.

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