Sunday, July 12, 2009

FOX NEWS NETWORK: Why No Tea Party Coverage?

Some of the reasons for less coverage of the July 4th Tea Parties are:

1. It was a holiday, and there was special programming in some of FOX News Network's (and most other network's) lineup instead of the regularly scheduled programs that usually give the Tea Parties the most coverage.

2. Many of the reporters and/or commentators on FOX News Network that take such an interest in the Tea Parties have been taking their vacations during the past few weeks.

3. Glenn Beck has had guest hosts a lot lately, because he has been experiencing some health problems.

4. The Michael Jackson story is still taking up TOO MUCH air time!

About a week ago on Bill O'Reilly--The Factor--Bill and Gretchen Carlson (FOX News Morning Show--Weekdays) had a disagreement:

Bill said FOX was right in giving so much coverage to Michael Jackson's death (specifically the day he died, even though that was the day that the House of Representatives passed the Cap and Tax Energy Bill and it hardly got a mention), because of the ratings the MJ story generated, thereby, generating income for the network. Bill said it was a sound business decision, because the ratings went down that day every time another subject was being discussed.

But Gretchen's argument was that the "core audience" of FOX News Network was upset because they could not get any coverage of the more important issues that day and even several days following MJ's death. And FOX News Network had a responsibility to its more loyal viewers who expected more from the network.

In my opinion, all who watch FOX News on a regular basis should mount a campaign telling the network executives, and each show that airs on FOX News Network, that we want and expect more from FOX. Their advertisement is "Fair and Balanced" reporting. That is not balanced at is far from balanced.

Are you concerned that the only news network that we have been able to depend on, to give a decent reporting of the news, is going the way of the other networks? If FOX is just going to start worrying about "the bottom line" and how many people are watching at a given time, can we depend on them to report the hard facts of the news? And more importantly...ARE WE GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?

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