Saturday, July 18, 2009

ARE YOU A WILLING SOLDIER?: My View On Janine Turner's OpEd In FOX News

Read Janine Turner's OpEd on FOX: "What Would Our Forefathers Think Of America Today?"! It is a great article imagining what the great Founders of our nation would think if they were to be able to return to America today.

What would George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, etc. think about the way our government is run? What would they think about the way our society has evolved? Would they be proud, or would they be shocked or maybe even angry? Think about all of the sacrifices that the men, women and children have willingly made to have the freedoms and the form of government and Constitution that we now take for granted so easily. The many months that the first arrivals to the New World had to stay aboard a ship filled with people and animals, unwashed and some sick and dying. Many died and never got to set their feet on the ground of what would be their new home, their new nation...America.

We too soon forget the sacrifices that have been made so that we may freely worship God, speak what is on our minds, own a firearm to defend our families, work and own a business without being overtaxed by a corrupt government. Wait...this is sounding like what our present government is trying to do to us even now! The only way to stop it is to have the same fighting spirit in us that our Founding Fathers had in them. We cannot and we will not allow what we have inherited from our Founding Fathers, who fought (some to the death) so that we could have these freedoms, taken from us by corrupt politicians. We must fight with our words, our actions, our ballot boxes, our letters, our marches. We will not let the corrupt have our nation...The United States of America!

The Word of God says, "Do not be weary in well-doing. For you shall reap in due time, if you do not faint." And I have been a Christian, a Believer in the Word of God, long enough to know that what God says, He will do! We have every weapon that we need to be triumphant in our warfare: The Holy Bible (which is the Word of God), the Power of Prayer, the Holy Spirit and the Angels of God to work on our behalf, and the Constitution of the United States. All we need now are Soldiers willing to volunteer for the fight! Are you a willing Soldier?

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