Friday, October 30, 2009

Blogging and Tweeting the Health Care Reform Bill

I will be blogging and tweeting the Health Care Reform Bill (HR 3962) as member of the "HealthCare Reform Bill Review Board" Group on Team Sarah.  This, of course, is my blog:  Colley's: God, Family, Country....  And you can follow me on Twitter @Colley1962.

The Review Board has been divided into groups with a leader for each group.  Each member has been designated a specific set of 10 continuous pages to read of the House version of the Health Care Reform Bill.  Their findings will then be submitted to the leader of their group.  The finalized summaries will then be blogged and tweeted  by certain individuals who already have blogs and Twitter accounts.

Since the House version of the Health Care Reform Bill is 1990 pages, this is a daunting task.  But hopefully some headway will be made, and some sort of "understanding" of what this Bill contains will come from our efforts.  This is being done for those who will be affected most by this bill:  the citizens of the United States who did not have any input into the forming of the bill or any say about how it will change their lives.

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