Friday, May 27, 2011

Last night I found this article about Henry Kissinger. Coupled with the Wikipedia article about him, I learned some things that took away a lot of the respect I had for him. His attitude and actions towards the Jews and the nation of Israel, were more than surprising and disappointing.
THE JERUSALEM POST - first published 12-27-2007:
HENRY KISSINGER'S Jewishness was equally a source of neurosis, according to Willie Fort. Reared as a deeply observant Jew, Kissinger slipped away from beneath the Orthodox shadow of his parental home when he was drafted into the army in 1943. His rebellion was so absolute and his assimilation so total that when he was sworn in as secretary of state he took his oath of office on a Christian Bible on a Sabbath day with his gentile second wife at his side. Yet, try as he might, Henry Kissinger would never succeed in shedding his thin, Jewish refugee skin. Willie emitted a cynical laugh at this, and observed, "I learn through the White House grapevine that whenever Nixon feels Kissinger is getting too big for his boots he is not averse to resorting to nasty anti-Semitic barbs to cut him down to size. He has even been known to call him 'my Jew boy' to his face. It is said that he is careful not to bring too many Jewish staff members to meetings with the president for fear of arousing his anti-Semitic streak. And when it is aroused he pretends to shrug it off, concealing his humiliation. But then, back in the privacy of his room, he invariably goes into a tantrum and takes it out on his subordinates."

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